Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OCTOBER 1ST, Happy 30th Anniversary EPCOT!!!

Happy 30th Anniversary Epcot!!!!

Yesterday was Epcot's 30th birthday! It was opened on October 1, 1982! It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. And what a better name for the park, right? 

This park is so important to so many people. Look at how many guests come here and create memories of a lifetime, look at the cast members who come down here and really "live" the magic, the park, the people. Epcot is not just a fun and cool park where you get to pretend to "walk around the world" and try different foods in each country, it's really a learning environment for all. The different cultures, the shows, the films, .. of course the food, and the cast members bring each country to life so that guests can actually learn and open their eyes to all the differences and similarities we have. Even as a cast member, I learn so much everyday. It's amazing.

Just a small portion of the Canadian Pavilion cast members!

Sooo... with such an important birthday, over the past month Epcot has been celebrating its upcoming October 1st day. Throughout the month cast members have been spoiled like princesses and princes! We have been getting popcorn handed to us, free lunches/dinners prepared and all nicely set up for us, and better yet.. we got to participate in being apart of Epcot's history by its 30th Anniversary picture!! Which I am in below!!

History! Epcot's 30th Anniversary picture!!!

Yesterday, on Epcot's actual birthday, I walked into Cast Services (which is where our costuming, lockers, canteen, etc. are located) and I was handed a birthday cupcake.. it was a delicious breakfast! All the cast members also received gifts... that I forgot to pick up and still need to do from work! And to end the day, I went back to Epcot after I worked an am shift to watch the most amazing fireworks EVER!! The fireworks were PHENOMENAL. I am talking about a full on show. The music, the colors, and the grand finale that had the ground and your body vibrating from the huge BOOMS was truly amazing.

Once again, it was another day to remind me of the magic Disney World really has. The atmosphere and the happiness this place brings to all is fascinating. Before coming down here, I did not truly understand how magical and happy this place was until expereincing it for myself.

Walt Disney you outdid yourself! Your creative and unique mind that turned your dream into a reality for all to experience amazes me everyday! Thank you and Happy Birthday Epcot!!!

Have a magical day! ;)

- Eileen McDonald


  1. I was at the Canadian Pavillion 1987-1988. Great time and great, amazing friends. Carved my initials near the soapstone cabinets where we stood and served guests. Still think about my time there! Glad others are having a great experience too! I worked OT all over the park. I still remember the storm that went through and blew up the fire works barge all at once!Or the guest that walked in dressed just like our costumes, looked around, and left in a hurry! Cheer! And have a blast! Andrew

  2. Thanks Andrew! It is so nice to hear from an Alumni. I have sadly now completed my program. I do not think it would be possible for one to not have flashback memories on the amazing experience we all had while working for this outstanding company for one year and all our loved ones who made the program so special. I miss it like crazy. And its beautiful to know how many people get to experience just what we had! We're all very lucky. Hope all is well!


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