Saturday, 27 October 2012

Training the Newbies

Hey ya’ll! (AH I think the American accent is slowly getting to me.... help!)
I am very excited for this blog post! This past week I have been training the newbies, and let me start off by telling you it went absolutely great! This week I trained four of the new Canadian girls on two different positions. On Wednesday, October 24th I trained Alison and Jessica for their AM seater’s position, and on Friday, October 26th I trained Joelle and Jocelyn on AM popcorn! For both days, it was the girls very first shift at Disney working in Epcot’s Canadian Pavilion. I felt so privileged to be the first person to welcome them and show them into the team we have at Le Cellier. It was awesome.
The girls also made my job a lot easier. They picked up quick, were interactive with the guests, and took a lot of initiative which gave them a lot of confidence on the job. It is always great to have new cast members who are so enthusiastic. It makes us, who’ve been here a while longer, remember what it was like when we were so excited to first work for Disney.
The training days were much longer than regular shifts, but they definitely went by fast. For the first hour of both training days, I took the girls in the break trailer to go over their binders and folders. Here we introduced ourselves, talked about why we wanted to work for Disney, Disney’s standards and expectations, rules, and the positions themselves. I then brought them to their positions area where we looked over everything and then we applied what we had talked about in the break trailer to the actual job. It’s nice to see them work throughout the day, especially at the end of the shifts when they’ve picked it up and you know your job is done. They made my shifts this week great.... and may I add that they made my LAST shifts in non-tipped positions (hopefully)... great...!
That’s right J I am moving along at Le Cellier. Tomorrow I am FINALLY starting FOOD RUNNING!!! Woooo J! I am so, sooo excited. Can’t you tell? Tomorrow morning I start at 11:30 am and will be there all day and all night, for both lunch and dinner. I am not too sure who my trainer is just yet, but whomever it is, I know will be awesome and will really help me out. However, I must add, I am a little nervous. I really want to be good, and I hope that the pace and table numbers/position points do not confuse me too much. Hopefully I catch on quickly. Fingers crossed!
Anywho, that is for tomorrow to tell. For tonight, I think I will look over my lunch menu some more, maybe skim over the dinner menu, and get a goodnights sleep for a very busy day ahead of me.
Eileen McDonald

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