Monday, 19 November 2012

My Visit Home to Friendly Manitoba!

Ahh finally a day off!

Last week I went back home to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a quick 6 day visit! Since I have been back in Florida, I have been working all day and all night to make up for my hours; so I haven't been able to make any updates!

Anyways, It was sooooo nice to be back home for a visit. I got to see my lovely family, my GODCHILD (FINALLY.. her name is Julia and she is absolutely precious) and cousins, my college, and my friends.  I realized a lot when I was down there. I realized I missed my friends and family more than I thought I would, I missed my "old" life of college and scheduled days, I realized what I wanted to do and how I need to get there, and I remembered why I wanted to come to Disney in the first place.

Being home was like realizing you have two different lives. Down here is literally like a dream! Everyday is completely spontaneous, you never have set plans till the day of. One day your working, another day you could be watching Cirque Du Soleil, taking a road trip to Miami, playing in one of the parks, hanging out with the internationals, so on and so on. I think one thing that really hit me when I was home was realizing I can always come back and things will be the same. The same people will be there... and that there is a "norm" schedule I have back in Winnipeg. But... I will never come back to the same people, the same contract, and nothing stays the same here in Disney.

I am almost half way done my contract and I have had the time of my life. I learnt SO MUCH, about everything: being independent, my job, hospitality (restaurant and tourism), people, cultures, myself, friends, relationships, how to say goodbye, how to be more spontaneous, and how to literally live each day by day. Most importantly I am learning how to take every moment as sa gift. Who really knows what will happen next (a friend could be done their contract or get terminated in a blink of an eye, etc).

SO what I want to do differently is take even more advantage of this program. I want to remember this year as much as possible and truly share what it is like living here with my followers... let's be honest, I have not been doing the greatest job.

Over the next little while you will be seeing more insiders on my blog. My first step is to let you know what housing is like down here. I have had soooo many people back home ask so many questions on what the housing is like here in Disney. So I will be making a separate page for it. Check it out! :) I also now have a twitter account that's a faster easier way of posting little updates. It's @EileenMcDonald_ feel free to follow!

Eileen McDonald

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