Friday, 18 May 2012

My Disney To Do List

Review the Disney Look
Pay for my Program Assessment Fee
Book Flight
Pay for Medical Insurance
Complete Hire Documents (almost done!)
Review List of Documents to Bring (still need a copy of my birth certificate)
Review Check-in information

17 more days to go!!!

Enjoy and have a magical day! J

Eileen McDonald 

"The Disney Look" Guidebook

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Welcome to 365 Days' @ Disney!

My name is Eileen McDonald and I will be sharing with you what it is like to live and work for Disney World in Orlando, Florida for one year! I recently got hired as a Canadian Cultural Representative in Epcot's Canadian Pavilion. My start date is June 5th 2012. Over this year I will show you what it's like behind the scenes at Disney. I will share my story and the steps I took to get this job, what it's like on my days off, and an inside scoop to the parks and restaurants. Read the About Me page to find out more! Enjoy!

P.S. Since I am in “crunch” time to pack and get all prepared to leave for Florida. I will be posting on here a lot, especially during the first two weeks at Disney. Once I am settled down, I will be posting once a week! I will keep you informed for which day of the week my posts will switch to!

Thank you!!

I would like to thank all the First Year Hospitality and Tourism Management students at Red River College who helped me pick out a name for my blog! The names were all so creative and got me to do a lot of brainstorming! I hope you all continue to stay interested in my Disney blog. And if you have any recommendations, you know I will be more than happy to receive them.

For all viewers, I can’t wait to begin my journey and share my Disney life with you!!!

Enjoy and have a magical day! J
Eileen McDonald