Friday, 25 May 2012

"Holy Cr*p!"

If you read my Face-to-Face Interviews page, you would know that all the future Disney cast members have multiple Facebook chat groups. For my arrival date, June 5th, there are about 41 others who will be arriving in Orlando that same date! June 5th arrivals have made their own Facebook group and over this past week we have all be talking... or more stressing... to each other about preparing to leave. We call these chats the "Holy Cr*p!" moment.

I have been packing my suitcase slowly over this last week adding things in here and there. I have ONE suitcase. How does someone pack all their clothes and personal belongings for one year?! ... especially considering I am a girl. It seems impossible. And it is very, very overwhelming. Although I am not completely done, I must say there is only a few more clothes I have to add to my suitcase or carry on (whichever will fit) and I will be done!

For those who are also getting ready to leave for Disney!

How to pack your life for one year: 
First realize you do not need half the things you think you will wear or use in Florida! ... You may get very attached to some items... but they do have shopping malls in Florida!

What I packed:
  • More than three business outfits ***
  • Tons of shorts
  • Tons of tank tops
  • A few summer dresses
  • Multiple bathing suits
  • A few t-shirts
  • A couple of tights
  • One pair of jeans
  • Two sweaters
  • Multiple light PJ's
  • Runners
  • Quite a few sandals, flip flops & flats
  • Jewelry
  • Hair, makeup, personal amenities 
  • A few towels
  • Canadian flag
  • Canadian souvenir key chains (for my roommates :))
  • Bags/purses
  • Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood CD's (my favorite!)
  • The movie Eat, Pray, Love (best movie!)
  • Picture frames
  • A few books
  • A few other personal belongings such as gifts & cards I can look at when I am feeling homesick!

Other than that, I finished completing all my documents and have everything ready to go!!!

So although I had a huge "Holy Cr*p!" moment... after writing this blog and seeing how much I actually have ready to go... I am starting to feel a lot better!

10 more days to go!!!

Enjoy and have a magical day! J

Eileen McDonald