Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Disney Themed Surprise Goodbye Party with the Best of Friends!!

On Saturday night, my closest and most wonderful friends decided to surprise me with a Disney themed goodbye party! I must say, they got me pretty good, and I really couldn't have asked for a better night!

One of my best friends Cheris asked me about a month ago to keep the 26th of May opened. I asked her why specifically that day, and she said that that is the day she is done her exams and one of the last times I will be able to say goodbye to everyone. She told me she would let our friends know and not to worry about it. It was supposed to be a casual night out for drinks. 

When Saturday the 26th rolled around, only a few of my friends had said they would most likely be free, but I hadn't heard anything from a most of them. I got a little worried and decided to call and text my other best friends, Gaelen, Gab and Kyle.

So the plan was that Cheris would pick me and Gaelen up and we would meet everyone a little later.  When Cheris came to my house, she asked me if I had my ID (we both have made the embarrassing mistake of leaving our ID's at home when going out, so it wasn't an out of the ordinary kind of question.) Of course! She forgot hers at home... 

Once we drove back to her house, she told me to come in with her so I could say "Hi" to her parents. We walked in...



Our entire group of friends was standing there! I stood speechless and shocked. I did not know how to react. It was very overwhelming and unexpected. I couldn't even say anything to them!

I walked up her stairs to where they were all standing and noticed the house was decorated in Disney princess balloons, and streamers... and they even had Tinkerbell, Cinderella,... and my biggest crush in the world... Justin Bieber... napkins! They then gave me a pink princess sash and a princess crown. It was truly a Disney going away party.

If that wasn't already enough, they said they had even more surprises. They handed me a hot pink, crown shaped, cut out card. On the front it had a collage of a bunch of pictures of me and my friends. At that moment, I burst into tears. How could you ask for better friends? I was so overwhelmed I didn't even notice that on the other side of the card they had everyone sign it! 

As you can see, I have been crying!
After giving me a few moments to pull it together, they handed me a Disney gift bag... inside was a Pandora bracelet. REALLY?!?... This was waaaaaaay way way too much!! All my friends pitched into buying it. It definitely is and will always be one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. The Pandora bracelet even had a ballerina charm on it. Perfect for me!!

My friends theme of the night was Disney princesses... and to be cheesey... that is exactly how they made me feel!

They also had a "We Will Miss You" cake. Everything was perfect and it was more than I could ever have asked for!! I truly had the greatest goodbye party, and i didn't even expect it. I am so happy to be leaving on such a perfect note!

To any of my friends who may read this... THANK YOU SO MUCH! You mean the world to me, and that night will forever be one of my greatest nights! 

Cheris and Brandon: Thank you so much for all your planning 
Cheris' family: Thank you for holding it in your home
And to all my closest friends there: It means a lot and I can't wait to see you all in January (if I am able to come back... if not, I will see you soon :) )

Exactly 1 week to go!!!

Enjoy and have a magical day! J

Eileen McDonald