Friday, 3 August 2012


Work these days is going great!!! 

I love going into work when everyone around you are in such good moods. The cast members and guests are always so happy. I love seeing the excited little kids and talking to the parents about where they all come from and what made them come to Disney World. Every day is so different and you meet so many great people. I am so happy to be in such a positive environment!

Since I have been here there has been three more arrival groups.... for me this means I am slowly getting up into SENIORITY! I am starting to get more am shifts, which are given to those with seniority, and I am very happy about it!

For work, my next step is to get into service! However... becoming a server at Le Cellier requires many, mannnnnnny steps. First I need to study for my lunch menu and service basics to write my written assessment. I started writing out the flashcards but there is just SO MUCH. I thought school was over.... 

Anyways, this is just a short post since I am actually going to do some studying for the test now! Keep viewing to see what else is new and what next steps I take in the hopes of becoming a server!

Enjoy and have a magical day! 
Eileen McDonald

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Classes, classes and more classes!

Hello! And sorry for the late post! Things seem to be crazy here. Lately on top of work I have been attending mandatory Disney classes. The past few days I have been in a Wines class which is mandatory if you want to get into service, a Basics class which is like a training class that reminds cast members about Walt's vision for this company and how we should act as Disney cast members, and lastly a Safety in Motion class which teaches cast members about the most important key: Safety.

Wines class: I LOVE wine. So this class was very exciting for me. I have been through a Wines course back at Red River College with an amazing instructor, Mrs. McDonald! I was fortunate to have an instructor who had so much passion and knowledge for wines that it actually made it more interesting and enjoyable to learn about viticulture. During Disney's wine class, we only got into the very basic information about wines, so for me it was pretty easy! We did a taste test... or a smell test for me since I am underage in the States... We talked about the wines in our restaurant and pairings, and we talked about the very basic key information about wines... such as their region, labels, and the process of fermentation the grapes go through. I loved answering the questions and got very excited about how much the class reminded me of college. I miss Red River so much!

Basics class: Basics class was like a reminder class as to why we are cast members at Walt Disney World and what is expected of us. We went over Walt's four keys: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. Safety is the number one priority in Disney World. Courtesy is how we must act to all our guests of all ages and to one another. Show is how we present both ourselves as cast members in our costumes and how we keep our parks show ready- clean! Efficiency is how we must carry out all our duties. During our Basics class we mostly focused on Courtesy and Show. We learned how we could carry out more of a positive image for our guests to see. We even role played!... Which I loveeeeeee doing. My group role played how we can engage in more conversations with our guests. We had to get up and infront of the whole class and act out poor service, average service, and Disney service of how a cast member engages conversations with their guests. It was actually pretty fun!

Safety in Motion class: The last class I had this week was my Safety in Motion class. ... To be honest, out of all the classes this was my least favorite. We learned about ways to prevent ourselves from getting hurt at work. It was a longgggg class... but I can´t complain since I did get paid for it! And like I said, safety is Disney's first priority!

All in all, it was a very long week.... but I did enjoy doing something a little different and being able to sit through some classes. It really reminded me about my program back home, and it really made me miss my classes, instructors and lovely friends!

Enjoy and have a magical day! 
Eileen McDonald