Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Family Visits!!!

YAY! Finally!!! After almost three months I finally got to see my family!

On Monday the 13th, my mom, dad, and brother came down to Disney to visit me for a little over a week! I was soooo excited and so happy to see them! Their visit was great- and much needed.

During the week of their stay, we went to the parks (for their first time!) and we also got to go to Clearwater beach, Miami, and Florida Mall. We stayed at the Mystic Dunes Resort which was a very nice suite, must I say! There was a full on kitchen, jacuzzi, and everything. The kitchen for me was the highlight of the room.... homemade meals... mmmmmm! So good. And speaking about food, they brought me ketchup chips and Tim Hortons french vanilla!!! I couldn't have been happier.

Life in Disney is great. Always exciting, something new, someone new, and just so much fun. But I have to admit... so far it has only been a  "Disney" experience and not a "Florida" experience. That is why during the time my family was in, I stayed in their resort to get away from the Disney bubble I sometimes feel I am in! I have had a few friends who have driven me to the beach or around Orlando a couple times... but never enough to feel like I knew Orlando. So having my family here with a car was very exciting for me!

Up until this experience, I have lived at home my whole life. So this is a brand new thing for me. It was very hard at first being away from home. And saying bye to my family for the second time was also very, very hard. But when I think of it, I am going to see them again and I am having the time of my life down here and learning so much. I am actually enjoying the independence thing a little more than I originally thought! Coming down here on your own also forces you to make new relationships and forces you to form support systems on others you may have never of thought before. It's an amazing thing and it really teaches you a lot! About life and about yourself. I cannot say enough times how much I am loving it here and how I am just so excited for what else this year brings me!
Enjoy and have a magical day! 
Eileen McDonald

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Disney Trainer!

Wooohoo! Guess what?! I was asked by my manager a short while ago if I would like to become a trainer! I obviously said yes! And was so, so excited about it! Last Wednesday was my first training shift ever! My trainee, Aliah, who has also become a good friend of mine, was my very first trainee. And I must say, I am so lucky to have such a great worker for my first training shift. She did an amazing job and made my job a lot easier. I trained her as a restaurant stocker. Basically, we went over binders with Disneys protocols for the first half hour to an hour, then I took her around the restaurant slowly one time before we were actually scheduled to start so there would be no pressure or extra stress. We then did the job together which consisted of filling side stands up with cutlery and napkins, panning breads, filling up the side stands with wine glasses and side plates and repeating those few duties like robots going around in circles until the servers had enough utensils to set their tables. After two rounds of going around with her, I let her take over completely. She had to tell me which task we would complete first in order of importance and what we were low on and need to stock immediately. She was great with prioritizing! After a few rounds of her calling the shots, we stocked the wine room and the wine fridges. Since we were such an efficient and were an awesome team we had time to go above and beyond! We cleaned up stations that were needed, did menu runs for podium, and we got to reset a table which I showed her how to do for the first time. The night indeed was successful and I absolutely loved restaurant stocker training! Aliah even wrote me a Great Service Fanatic card (similar to a recognition card) for training her. I truly love my job here at Le Cellier. :)

Enjoy and have a magical day! 
Eileen McDonald