Sunday, 2 September 2012

WOO! Passed Written Assessment / Service Class!

Wooohoooo!! I took my first step towards trying to become a server... and I passed! I found out a little while ago that I got a 98% on my written menu assessment! I was so, so happy! We need at least 85% to pass and go onto the next step of trying to become a server which is... SPIELING.

So now, I have to start preparing myself for spieling the lunch menu infront of my managers. I seem to be a little more hesitant with spieling than I was with the written assessment. I am definitely a little nervous to talk in front of the managers about the menu and to answer whatever questions they will ask me... but I am sure it'll be fine!

Since my parents were here, I havent looked at the menu or my flashcards what-so-ever. So I really need to get back into the studying mode. Hopefully within the next few days or at least within the next week I will spiel! If I pass that.... food running it is! Food running = TIPS!

Besides the written assessment and trying to get into the spieling mode... I had to take a service class a few days ago with cast members in my arrival group from Canada as well as the other pavillions in the World Showcase whom are trying to become servers. It was one longgggggg day. It was actually like a day at Red River. The exact same times and all. We started at 8 am and had class until 5 pm. We went over service standards, techniques and basics in the morning and then the afternoon was yet another lovely wine class! I LOVE wine, and I loved learning about it in my previous wine course back at Red River so this class was like a "Minnie" refresher for me. We also had to write another test at the end of this day and I scored 100%. It was awesome!

Anyways, thats what the work life has been like for me.. keep following to see what else I've been up to on my days off... It's always an adventure!!

Enjoy and have a magical day! 
Eileen McDonald