Monday, 24 September 2012

Sometimes You Need That Disney Magic

We meet again! Another blog post to follow up with the last.

Lately, I have been going through a rough time during my crazy Disney experience. If you read my last post you would see that I have been learning how to say goodbye to people I hold dear to me. Goodbye here in Disney is different then saying bye to old friends when switching schools, moving to different cities etc, etc. Saying bye to Disney cast members is like saying bye to family, friends, loved ones and then watching them walk out of your life and going back to their own "real" life, back home, which is most likely half way across the world. It's been hard. But I need to focus on the memories I have created with them, and the memories I have yet to create here. I need to focus on the present... since I quickly learnt things here change... FAST... as in pretty much every 2 weeks.

SOOO, one of my best friends down here named Courtney from London, Ontario, and I decided we need to take advantage of what we have while we have it, focus on why we came to Disney, the positivity of this program, and all the amazing opportunities we really have going for us. So what did we do?? WENT TO A PARK. :)

Since I got here, cast members and even my managers have said... if you are ever feeling down, go to a park! On our day off we spontaneously decided to go to Hollywood Studio's. We rode Rock N Roller Coaster twice with fast passes a fellow good friend/cast member gave us, watched The Little Mermaid show, ate at the entertaining 50's Prime Time restaurant (if you've never been... GO, the servers put on quite the act of a mother's Sunday dinner with the family), sang and skipped our way down to the Boardwalk (we even had guests and cast members applaud for us), and had drinks (or for me... some juice spritzers...) at ESPN. To top off the night we watched some entertainer's who were set up along the Boardwalk. It was a great and much needed night.

All in all, Disney World has really shown me it's magic here. Both working here and getting to see the guests so excited, so happy, and so absorbed in the environment... and then being able to go to the Disney parks myself and get lost in the magic. Going from such a low feeling to such a grateful and happy feeling makes me realize how fortunate this experience is.

Again, whether it's an up or down, I am always gaining something here. A lesson, an experience, a memory. It is all worth it. And I am so, so happy I am here.

Enjoy and have a magical day!
Eileen McDonald