Saturday, 3 November 2012

FOOD RUNNING... And a visit HOME?!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I just started FOOD RUNNING! Wooooohoooooo! :D
After four and a half months, I finally did it. One step closer to hopefully getting into service.

Food running has been awesome! I enjoy it more than I did on podium. My reason is that I ALWAYS need to stay busy.... and I mean alwaaaaaayyyyyys. For food running, my shifts are from open (lunch) till close (dinner). Typically my days have been from 11:45 am until 10:30 pm. However, this is because our pavilion is opened later due to the Food and Wine Festival, during normal hours my shifts would be 11:45 am until 9:30 ish pm. But, getting back to food running, the days are long... yet they seem to go by SO fast. It feels like my days go by faster during food running than they did on podium. Again, this is because in food running you are always busy! There's no time for slacking off or standing around. There is constantly food coming up for our 'always fully booked' restaurant, and if there is not food to run, then there is always a table to be bussed, side duties to be done, etc... etc.

The one thing I am finding tough with food running is getting the position points down perfectly. By position points, I mean the seat numbers each guest is sitting at which allows us to know what dish goes to what individual. It's confusing, but I am sure in time I will hopefully get the hang of it!

ALSO I am now officially done training! And starting on Sunday I will have my first food running day in a tipped position! I am SO excited. If only you knew how scarce money is here and how good it is FINALLY going to feel being in a tipped position.

The first thing I am spending a big chunk of my money on is a quick visit HOME!!! YES, I said I am taking a trip home!! And I have never been so happy!

Just over a week ago I found out that I was honored with the Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduate Award and that there would be an award luncheon on November 9th. Since a lot of you reading my blog know how important school is to me, and how much this award means to me, I obviously wanted to try and go home. Especially since I am now in food running. In food running you get three days off in a row. So if I were to do my days off back to back that's almost a full week off! After speaking with my manager, she told me I wouldn't be able to get the days off because others requested time off before me. I was SO upset and spent the night in my room talking to my parents with such disappointment.

MAGICALLY the following morning my manager came up to me and told me I was going home for a week. She said she worked things out and I deserved the trip home. I completely freaked out in the kitchen and almost started crying. SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!

So yes! That is that. Food running is going awesome, I am going to officially be out of training on Sunday, and I am going home November the 8th! I absolutely love life right now and can not wait to see my family, Godchild, friends, and the college!

Have a wonderful night! Because I know I will!

Eileen McDonald