Saturday, 29 December 2012

ATTENTION: Le Cellier now has a new server!


I am now Le Cellier's newest server! That's right! After six months, I FINALLY did it. And does it ever feel amazing!

So after studying for months, a written menu test, a lunch spiel, almost two months of food running, a dinner spiel, a weeks worth of intense training, and then a practical assessment serving a manager, a trainer, and one of the Chef's I did it!!!

To be honest, the studying was a pain, speiling was nerve racking, food running was amazing... and I really loved it... but it was long, hard and tiring hours... it was all worth it. The training went shockingly super good. I owe credit to Red River and my Evening Dining instructors Ms. Hogue and Ms. McDonald... you guys shaped us well.

Le Cellier has crazy standards. One it's a Disney restaurant... guest's expect the BEST... and by the best... I mean perfection (which isn't possible... but to them... it is). Second, Le Cellier is a signature restaurant and the second most popular restaurant on all of Disney property. Can you feel the pressure NOW?!

Anyways, at Red River college we had an Evening Dining course. It was to show us what fine dining was like, prepare us for restuarant management, and top notch industry standards. Our instructors were amazing. They were very, very particular with how we did things, and by all means I am not complaining. It helped. A LOT. They used to joke with us about how all the "nagging" would come into use one day... and boy did it ever. Throughout my training week all I could hear were their voices in my head saying "did you pre-bus your table", "are you talking to your guests professionally", and so on and so on.

Well to bring you no shock... that is exactly what my trainers were doing to me all week. "Nagging" in a nice way! By telling me what are you going to do next, what does your table need, did you do this, did you do that... you get the point.

So although training went amazingly well for me... my assessment on the other hand DID NOT! Yes I said it did not go well. AT ALL. I could not handle the pressure of being assessed by my manager, trainer and the Chef. I forgot about my other two tables and got so flustered. But guess what... I still passed! THANK YOU!

So here is to an exciting next half of my program as a server! I've reached my last advancement point in the Canadian pavilion!

Stay tuned for my next few posts about Christmas and the crazy holiday work hours.... I already tired thinking about it... Nevermind working them!

Enjoy and have a magical day!
Eileen McDonald