My Story:
"A dream is a wish your heart makes."

It was two years ago when I started at Red River College for Hospitality and Tourism Management. I did not have a set plan for where I wanted to go with this program or what I wanted to accomplish, but I knew this was the industry that I loved, and my passion for it grew stronger throughout these two years.

My second day of orientation, the instructors were explaining our work term experiences with us. They then mentioned that there was an opportunity to work in Disney World! What?!? I never would have thought! I got butterflies in my stomach for some reason, and I thought to myself, I am way to chicken to apply, but that would be an amazing experience!

Hearing about past and present student's work terms in Disney World made me keep questioning the possibilities of taking a chance and moving to Orlando. It seemed like such a "dream". Moving to Florida... on a one year contract... working in Disney World... spending days off in Disney World!? It just seemed like such a big leap of faith. Maybe too big? So many thoughts were running through my head. Can I really pack up my things and move away from home? I have never even lived on my own before.

So many questions but one thought kept entering my mind...

How could I not apply? All throughout Red River's hallways there were posters of Disney's International Programs and some of the instructor's  even referred to Disney during their lectures. Besides that, I had this engrained eagerness to get out of Winnipeg. I wanted to experience the world, travel, meet new people... I needed to move. And I wanted a brand new experience.

I started mentioning it to my parents. First as little jokes, then I started questioning myself a little more. My parents thought it would be great and were very supportive. Although, my mother was like any mother and was hesitant at first, the jokes turned into conversations, and the conversations made me more certain I wanted to go.

As August was ending, my second year was beginning and I knew the deadline for applying to work at Disney World was coming to an end. September 7th I sat in my living room with the yummyjobs website opened. I stared at that computer for so long.

Enough with all the uncertainties... I applied!

Steps: Apply Online @

1. Go to
2. Under "Work Opportunities" on the left hand side,
scroll down to "Disney's Cultural Representative Program"
3. Read the info about the program to make sure it is right for you!
4. Scroll down to the "Log In" box. Create an account for applying.
This is like a mini resume. yummyjobs has representatives that
are connected with Disney, they are the ones who will look at your
profile and contact you for a telephone interview.

This is the pre-screening process.
After I made my profile, my application was sent to a yummyjobs representative who works with the Disney recruiters. The website let me know that I would receive a confirmation email from yummy jobs once they had my application.

Then I played the waiting game! ...
About a week later, I received another email! This time they said they had reviewed my application and I passed the first step! In this email they asked to schedule me in for step two: the Telephone Interview!!


-Research Disney and the program before you do anything! Disney does not look for their biggest fans, they look for hard workers. 
-When answering each question, be honest, but think of ways you can answer the question by relating yourself to what they need in their employees.
-The same goes with your resume. Each resume you hand to an employer should be altered to fit their unique needs.

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