Nightlife: 7 Days of the Week

A mouse is our boss, Disney World is our backyard, and we live inside what is called, "The Disney Bubble". It might seem that we eat, sleep, and dream Disney. This is true to some extent. Yet, remember we are a huge group of young adults from all over thew world coming to Florida for just one year! .... 
Needless to say, I think we know how to have a good time. 

This is a list of what/where the majority of Disney Programmers go for some Nightlife fun!

Happy Monday is like the "Party of the Year" every single Monday. It becomes a ritual for Disney Programmers. And once you become apart of this amazing night that will go down in history for Disney Programmers, you will never look at Monday the same way again. 

This is the night where you get to "network" with all the different countries around the world. It's the event that you mostly will gain all your international friends from. It is organized so each country has a girls team and each country has a guys team. For Canadian girls, our team is called: Girls. For Canadian guys their team is called: No Ma'am. Each team gets their own shirt with their nickname on it, their teams name, and the year they participated. 

To join your countries (or sometimes another country) you must initiate to become a member. However, everyone is sworn to secrecy to never tell what initiations include. And every country does it differently. I do promise you it is a lot of fun and totally worth it!

Each team is organized so we rotate throughout the year and play each country. We all meet at different bars around Orlando, play numerous types of drinking games- most you have never played before, and have the craziest themes you would never even think about!

If there is one night you want to go out during the week- this is the one!

Games Night: 
Although I spoke so highly of Happy Mondays, I understand that drinking is not everyones shot of whiskey... or I should say, cup of tea. Games night is what some Canadians will attend who are looking to do something else on a Monday night. It's actually pretty awesome! They get together with a bunch of snacks, plenty of different boardgames and have a nice relaxed night in joking around with each other. I am certain that other countries have their own version of Games Night they organize on a Monday night as well.

Clear your throats and get ready to sing-a-long with a lively and very entertaining piano bar! This cool hot spot loves to show their audience a good time. Go down and meet a group of friends, have one drink or a few- and enjoy some great live music. 

Dollar Drinks! Enjoy the best deal of the week. Yes... 1 Dollar Drink nights. This might be the top reason why this place is absolutely packed every single Wednesday. They also have awesome music and a challenge we liked to call, "The Four Levels of Doom". If you didn't catch that, this bar has four floors, with the fourth one being the rooftop bar! 

Blue Martini: 
The name says it all. While partying at Blue Martini, a famous Blue Martini drink is a must have. One will do you good. Have a second at your own risk. These drinks are mean! You can enjoy being more casual on their outdoor patio bar, or choose to dance the night away in the stage room.

Throw In's/Out's:
These are very important and exclusive events for each pavilion. Throw In's are nights made specially for welcoming in new cast members to join their country and be apart of their now new family in Disney. Throw Out's are the hardest nights of all. As you can guess, they are made for saying Goodbye to those most beloved cast members who are now done their Disney program and sadly, going back home. 

Santa Fe:
Once the rituals of either Throw In's or Throw Out's are completed, everyone usually heads to Santa Fe. Santa Fe is a Mexican restaurant and bar. During the night its a great place to have a group of people go out and enjoy drinks either inside their bar or outside on their patio. It turns into a bumping bar/lounge type atmosphere.

Buffalo Wild Wings:
B-Dubs? This is a more casual spot to hit up with a group of friends who want to sit around and have some beer. Its a sports lounge, and they too have an outdoor patio!

City Walk:
Popular happening place all year round with both locals and visitors! This is located right at the entrance of Universal. On Fridays nights some treat it as a bar hopping area! Others go to pick a from a selection of lively and tasteful restaurants. This is a great place to be apart of the action!

Do you absolutely love country music?! It doesn't matter! If you love country music, this will for sure turn into your favorite bar. And if you don't enjoy it- Cowboys is a bar you must go to at least ONCE on your program. This country bar is packed every single Saturday! It has great music, a big dance floor - including some line dancing at the end of the night, pool tables, an outdoor patio, and the drinks keep coming!

House Of Blues:
This is another always-packed-hot-spot! House of Blue is two levels with an outdoor patio, handful of bars, great dancing music, huge dance floor, people jammed shoulder-to-shoulder, and sometimes: live concerts! This is a Sunday must for a lot of Disney Programmers. 

Parliament is Orlando's hottest and largest gay bar! Hope you are ready to dance! Everyone always has fun here and walk out with countless of hilarious stories.

... Okay how many slaps is that?  

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