Earning My Ears, Training!

Earning my Ears is a ribbon cast members at Disney World wear to show that they are in training!

About one month after being here, I finally got take my ribbon off! … My name tag seems so bare!

Disney World exceeded my expectations of the training process. The amount of training they make their cast members go through here are like no other corporate company. It takes around one month to settle in Disney and to complete training (for Food and Beverage at least). For Merchandise and Attractions, the training process is a bit faster… I believe.
Anyways, working in Epcot’s Canadian Pavilion for Food and Beverage requires learning the variety of positions in both Le Cellier Steakhouse’s restaurant and the outdoor popcorn cart.

I first began training in the restaurant. The first position I was trained on was a seater. This is similar to a hostess. You greet the guest, take them to their seats and then give them a restaurant spiel. The restaurant spiel welcomes the guests, lets them know about our authentic Canadian dining and introduces them to their server! Next, I was trained as a greeter. The greeter stands outside the Canadian pavilion and welcomes the guests into the pavilion and checks in the restaurant guests on a tablet used to keep track of the occupancy in the restaurant. After that, I was trained as a restaurant stocker. This means I had to stock the wine room, prep the bread in the hot trays, and organize and stock the side stand with cutlery, wine glasses, and napkins. Once I was trained on those three positions, I had “prove it” shifts. These are your first shifts without your trainer to prove you can complete your duties and tasks. I also got to go behind the bar during training and watch the bartender, and then I got to follow around the assignor which is the person in charge of assigning tables to servers and seating the parties.

AFTER that, I was trained on popcorn cash and popcorn stocker. Popcorn cash completes the guests transactions, makes the popcorn, and pours the Canadian beers. Popcorn stocker replaces the kegs once they blow, stocks the fridges with pop, water, etc., refills the slushy machines, and basically stocks everything in the cart that requires it to maintain proper function. After that, I then again had my “prove it” shifts.

The training here is very detailed and thorough! They go over checklists and information we need to know in the training binders, and then we get to actually get to do the physical job. For me, I found the training amazing! The trainers were very energetic, patient and nice! So far, the job does have a lot of little details I need to remember, but its seems pretty straight forward! It really reminds me of the restaurant back in college, Prairie Lights. I always have Mrs. Hogue and Mrs. McDonald in my head telling me what I should and should not be doing! In a good way!! Those two instructors are restaurant experts. 

NOW I am done training in those positions! Next I will have to study the menu to try and get into a server position! Stay tuned to see what next comes up next!

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