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"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."


September 29th- I found out that I reached the last and final stage... the face-to-face interviews!!! YES!! I was so excited! Disney holds their interviews in either Toronto or Montreal for Canadian applicants. Mine was being held in Montreal, Quebec! Since I had never been to Montreal I grew even more excited. The email Disney sent let me pick between two days to go for the interview. It was either Wednesday, November 9th or Thursday, November 10th. I chose the 9th!

I literally stared at my computer with a huge smile on my face, shocked. I told my parents right away, and my instructor the following day. My instructor told me that once you make it to the face-to-face interviews, you are pretty much in! It was all beginning to catch up to me... I may move to Orlando, Florida to work for Mickey Mouse. Wow!

I had to wait for a little over a month before I would have yet another interview. Although I would not be hearing much from the recruiters over this time, they invited me to join a chain letter with everyone else who made it that far. This was the coolest thing ever. There were so many applicants all sharing their excitement for our amazing opportunity! We each wrote a paragraph introducing ourselves, where we live, what else we were up to, and why we applied for Disney World. They were all so sweet. Every time I would read a potential co-workers email, I got so happy and excited.

Next thing you know, I was invited to join a group on facebook. It was all the same people who were sending the chain letters. We all got to add each other as friends and "creep" each other's profiles and pictures which made us learn a lot more about one another. On this facebook group, one member suggested a great idea to get all those interviewing on the 9th to meet in Montreal the night before our interview to share our excitement and nervousness. And that's exactly what we did.

The night before my 8:40 am flight, I probably went through everything in my luggage three times.

What to Bring: 

1) Business suit 
2) Dress shoes
3) Resume
4) Passport
5) Role checklist
6) Online application forms
7) Interview prep notes


I woke up the morning of my flight to Montreal... and the feeling I had was so surreal. I was actually goin to do this! My family was so supportive and got me even more excited as I left home to embrace this possibility- an opportunity that could change my life.

Waiting in Winnipeg's Airport, I met another applicant interviewing with Disney. We weren't on the same flights, but even seeing her for a few minutes added to the excitement that was going to explode inside of me. During the flight, I watched Rango.... Of course, I had to watch a Disney movie before going to my interview. It was great, and the flight was actually pretty short. I also reviewed the notes I had taken for my interview.

The taxi ride from Montreal's airport to the hotel I was staying at, Intercontinental (the hotel that would hold our interviews), was beautiful. If you have never been to Montreal, I extremely recommend going, it is a beautiful city! I got to the Intercontinental. I previously worked for a luxury hotel and I know how extreme they can be, but really... I never get stay in them... I can't afford it! But WHOA was this hotel gorgeous. I took elevators up to the Front Desk where the lobby was covered in fur and modernized decor. This hotel was amazing.

After relaxing in my bed in my hotel room, I decided I needed to experience Montreal, Quebec even for the short time I was here. I ventured out of my hotel and walked around old Montreal. I ended up asking a stranger for directions and he happened to be from Winnipeg as well... how crazy! We ended up going around old Montreal together. We snapped so many pictures, as you can see below. We then went our own ways as I continued to enjoy this beautiful city.

At 7:00 pm all of the applicants met up in the hotel's lobby. We went around in a circle introducing ourselves, and asking each other ice-breaker questions. After, we went for a nice long walk around Montreal and went to grab a bite to eat at some small sandwich restaurant. It was great. Everyone was so nice and so full of energy! 

Before going to bed that night I called my parents... I started to get really nervous. I found out that ALL the applicants - and there were many - had been to Disney before. And I am not talking about 1 or 2 times... these people had been there 5... 10... and even more times. I... had been there 0. ZERO. This made me very uneasy... but it shouldn't have, because in the end... it did not matter! Disney isn't looking for their biggest fans, they are looking for their friendliest employees!

The Interview

The Interview was at 8:45 am, November 9th. I woke up early that morning as I could not bear to sleep in... I was too excited! I ordered myself a nice big breakfast... and reviewed my interview notes yet again.

I made sure to go down to the interviews a little earlier. I did not want to walk in the room late and I wanted to make a good first impression. As I saw all the other applicants hanging around the lobby... I felt a little at ease. We all walked to the interview room together. Upon entering the room we were greeted by two Disney recruiters. Their smiles lit up the room. They were so full of energy and so nice. I exchanged greetings with them, and took a seat. During the first hour or so we had the recruiters give us a presentation on what the program was all about, what Disney expected from us, the living arrangements, and so on. The recruiters even had a little questionnaire for us and asked us questions like what the three Disney cruise lines were called etc. Whoever answered these questions correctly would get a Disney prize.

After this, we were scheduled a time slot in groups for our interviews. Apparently they schedule you based on your travel distance from your home. So the further you were from Montreal, the sooner your interview would be. My interview was one of the sooner ones.

These interviews were way different than any regular interview you would have been too. They had two different sections in the room where each of the Disney recruiters were set up. Two interviews went on at the same time. I thought it would have been harder to have an interview when another applicant on the other side of the room was talking... but it actually wasn't bad at all. I couldn't hear the other interview at all, all I could hear was them getting along and laughing.

This interview went way better than I expected. My interviewer was so friendly and easy going. She mainly asked me questions about my school and the classes I took at Red River College. She also asked why I was applying.

The interview lasted maybe 10 minutes. I felt really good after it and thought it went well... however, I was still pretty nervous. After the interview, a bunch of the applicants and I went for another walk around old Montreal. We went out for Montreal's famous poutine and then went to the Notre Dame Church- which is absolutely beautiful.

That night I returned home, and yet again, waited for a yes or no!! aah.


- Be prepared & have all your documents ready
- Review your interview notes
- Try making up questions you think Disney might ask you, and answer them out loud, again, this might sound silly... but it works!
- Be confident, try and stay calm!
- Be friendly
- Arrive early
- Mingle with the other candidates
- Relate all your answers to how you have the skills that will allow Disney to benefit from hiring you!

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