The CRAZIEST Weeks of Arrival

Welcome Party, Orientation, Classes, Traditions, Discovery Day and a whole lot of paper work! 

AHH! As some have noticed, I haven’t updated my blog since I got here three and a half weeks ago. Why? Well, It was pretty much impossible. Between the welcome party, orientation, classes, traditions, discovery day, paperwork, training, settling into my apartment, meeting new friends, exploring the parks, trying to keep in touch with those back home…. And sleep… there really was no time to sit down and explain what life has been like since I have been here!

In short, life has been amazing! The experiences, people, job… everything is just so great. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, work is great, and the hectic time off of squeezing every activity there is to do here in Disney World and Orlando, Florida, is even better!

Welcome Party!
The fellow Canadian cast members had a “Welcome Party” for all the new arrivals in the Canadian Pavilion the second night we were here. We started off at one of the Canadian girls house who has been here for some time already. She was the one who explained to us what life is going to be like down here. She also got us settled in before going to the welcome party where all the Canadians would be waiting.
As we walked into the party, we were welcomed with the loud singing of O’Canada. It was crazy, and truly welcoming of them. They then got each of us to introduce ourselves and tell the group a bit about each one of us and why we wanted to come down. They then introduced themselves, as well as explained the main activities they have each night that we could join in. I really didn’t expect people to be so inviting, especially to us newbies, but they really were which was so nice to have considering it was only our second night of being down here!

Orientation, Classes, Traditions, Paperwork
It was crazy how many meetings, classes, and how much paperwork we had to complete when we first arrived. Classes on top of classes; learning about Disney’s conduct, standards, missions, visions etc.
Our very first day of orientation we lined up outside of Commons Clubhouse (the complex I live in!), when they opened the doors we walked into a room that had the lights off, and colored lights flashing everywhere. Music was playing and I felt like I was walking into a dance. It was awesome! They got us pumped up and then quickly transitioned into settling us down and telling us all about Disneys living rules here in our apartments and what not to do in order to not get terminated from our programs! They also had videos for us to watch which showed all the cast members activities and opportunities available within the programs! It’s amazing how much they offer you here! From pool parties, to grocery bingo, to voluntEARS, there is always so much to do!

For our classes; Traditions, being a lot of people favorite, we learn about the mission, vision, and values Walt Disney had for this outstanding company. We also learned a bit about the history and the goals that the park has itself. During traditions, we even got a surprise visit from our boss… MICKEY MOUSE! 

It was so neat to sit in on these sessions since it related to my school based background. Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising, Cross Cultural, Sales and Catering, Restaurant Classes, everything all reflected back to past projects in school and learning about how a business first forms and becomes so successful. Walt Disney was truly a genius, and the corporation carries and expands in his creative and unique ideas.
 Classes that talked to us about his history and his company reminded me of why I came here for my work experience. I wanted to learn the standards, guidelines, values and priorities that makes companies like this so successful. You need to aim high, and not let others influence your decisions. You need to run and believe in your ideas. No one believed Walt’s idea would be as successful as it is now, but just look at what he created!

Discovery Day!!
Saving the best for last!
Everyone’s most favorite day is Discovery Day! Here we got a tour of Epcot! Where we are all now working. We got to ride on Spaceship Earth and take the boat on the lagoon that allowed us to see each pavilion! It was so cool! It made me even more excited that I was going to be working for Disney and this was my everyday reality!!! Not a lot of people can say that, and it made me realize how lucky I really am!

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