Hired, Prepare to Leave!


11/11/11.... I GOT IT!

Can you believe it!?! On this date... November, the 11th day, of the 11th month, of 2011, I was hired by Disney!!! I woke up that morning and decided to check my email... like every other morning previous to that. The email stated that I was hired as a Canadian Cultural Representative for the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot for Food & Beverage and my start date stated June 5th 2012!!! FINALLY I got it!!

I was so excited I actually started tearing. I ran and told my dad and brother and then called my mom who was at work. So many thoughts were going through my head at this point. I was actually leaving Winnipeg, I was moving away from my family and friends... I am going to meet so many new people! It was crazy. I made a bunch of phone calls that day to my closest friends and then emailed my instructor who was helping me throughout this whole process.
I did it!!!


Preparing to Leave

The steps you need to take before going Disney World do not stop once you get hired! The process is long and there are many, many forms you must fill out before your departure date.

After I received the great news that I was hired, I was scheduled in for a Skype meeting. Here we would talk to the yummyjobs representative along with other new cast members who also just found out they got hired. Here we were told what the next steps were with preparing to leave for Disney and had the opportunity to ask any questions we had about the job or the living arrangements.
Two important questions I had

My start date stated June 5th 2012, when should I actually be in Orlando?
Arrive in Orlando for June 5th, if you come before, you will be expected to provide your own living accommodations until your start date. I will not start work until June 9th.

How many roommates will I be living with?
This ranges depending on how many other new cast members also arrive on that date, your age, etc. You could room with up to eight other cast members.

On Boarding Checklist

Once you are hired, Disney emails you a link for something called an On Boarding Checklist. Here you will find all the steps you need to complete in order to move to Orlando, Florida and work for Disney World.

Examples of what I had to complete:

Ensure my Passport was valid until the end of my contract date
Review the Disney Look handbook
Submit a Program Assessment Fee
Book a Flight
Get Medical Insurance for the first 120 days
Complete Hire Documents
Have a copy of my Birth Certificate
Receive my Congratulations Packet
Review the Suggested Items to Bring List
Review Check-in Information

I found this in one of the stores in Montreal. It was a sign !


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