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My Story:
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

I passed the first step!! Now I was onto the telephone interview! In yummyjobs email, I got to choose the date of my telephone interview. I scheduled it for September 20th! My nerves were crazy leading up to this day. I wanted this job SO bad. Besides my family, one or two friends, and my instructor at school, I did not tell anyone that I applied for Disney. Not even some of my best friends. I was so scared about not making it... and could not handle any added pressure.

I started preparing myself days before the interview. I looked at past Disney cast members blogs, talked to my friend who is actually working in Disney right now, and talked to one of my instructors at school who is the Disney expert... they all told me that it was a very short interview and the point of it was for Disney to find out who I was. They wanted to find out what my personality was like.

Even though this was an informal interview... I was still too nervous about it and had to prepare. I started researching the history of Walt Disney and Disney World, and the culture, goals, values ect. Disney World as a company has. Then I started researching my hometown. The position I applied for is a Cultural Representative, therefore, I had the chance to represent Canada and my home Winnipeg, Manitoba. I looked at ways in how both my country and city were unique. I strongly suggest you to do research on your country... I can guarantee if they do not ask you to talk about your country during the telephone interview they WILL during your face-to-face interview.

After that, I started looking up Disney movies, songs, characters, quotes and so on. It was a way to get me a little more excited and take the nervousness away!

Yet, no matter how prepared I was... my butterflies were still there. It was days before my interview and all I could think about was passing it. I needed the face-to-face interview. I had to do it.

My interview was scheduled for 9:00 am, Tuesday, September 20th. I woke up at 7:00 am that morning. I skipped school and I got ready for my interview. I read through my crazy notes once more, listened to some Disney music... cheesy, but it got me excited, and then made myself a coffee. It was 8:30 am... by this time... I was getting really scared. I started pacing in my living room. I called my mom and dad... this was crazy. 8:45 am this was it!


My interview went great! Did I over prepare?... well my notes were not useful for the telephone interview, but they did give me confidence and they were a reassurance that if Disney decided to test me, I had the information covered.

My interviewer was so nice! She asked me less than 10 questions. I actually remained pretty confident in answering the questions and shared with her my excitement. Out of the telephone interview Disney is looking for the following things:
1. The right motivation to work in Disney World
2. Enthusiasm, Personality and Professionalism
3. Willingness to commit
4. And great work ethic

I have to admit, the interview was pretty easy. Like everyone tried to tell me, basically, they want to find out who you are as a person. Disney World is all about customer service. Show enthusiasm, personality, and professionalism. They want to know why you want to work for Disney World, if you have the right personality suited for this job, if you can handle working long and tiring shifts in the sun, and if you can live with roommates from all over the world!
After my interview, yummyjobs promised to contact me within the next few days and let me know if I made it to the next step... the face-to-face interviews!!


-Relax. They want to get to know you!
-Research some more! Impress them by answering questions in a way that shows you know what their company stands for, that you will be an asset to their company and that you will be an employee who fulfills their values and goals.
-Be prepared. They gave you a scheduled interview time that they will call you at... that does not mean to expect it at that very second. Be ready 15 minutes before. And if they don't call you by the time they say... don't panic! They are very busy people... and have a lot of applicants to go through (which means you should show them why you are the best suited applicant). They may also call 10 minutes after what was originally scheduled.
-Smile while you are talking. This sounds silly but it works. If you are smiling and are happy while you are talking to the interviewer... they can hear it in your voice!

"A Whole New World"
My favorite Disney song.


  1. Way to go Eileen.

  2. I am very confused. I had a scheduled phone interview and they never called! What should I do?!

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