Welcome to The Common’s! Disney cast members most favorite and popular complex on site. Here is one of the four apartment complex’s Disney has to offer. This complex was intended to be for all the international cast members working for Disney world. We mainly have Epcot’s World Showcase cast members living here coming from: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and CANADA! You also have a few other cast members from South Africa (like one of my roommates) and other awesome parts of the world who work in some of Disney’s resorts. Can you say VARIETY? Yes! Huge variety of people, not only variety in cultures, but a variety in ages, interests, activities, motives, goals, priorities, ETC. Although there is a ton of variety here, I must say I have never been surround in such a place where everyone is so open, so friendly, and so outgoing in my life. Your friends with everyone down here and someone is always up to do something! It’s always a great time!

From safety (Disney’s highest value) to living with people from all over the world, to having a variety of activities to do- our complexes have you covered! There is 24/7 security at each complex. Each complex is also entirely gated. You must be a cast member to enter into the complexs or be signed in as a guest. There is other rules that come with that (ex. Time frames guests are allowed, etc.). Once you enter through The Commons gates you see our Clubhouse. Here is the Housing and Information office. They are opened everyday under certain hours and help your out with anything to do with housing. We also have a computer room in the clubhouse, conference hall, gym, POOL, balcony that over looks the pool, picnic tables, ping pong table, pool table, and just outside the pool area there are also BBQ’s to use. Further within The Commons we also have a volleyball court, tennis court, and our mailboxes. Jealous yet?! 

Now there are a ton of apartments in each complex. The Commons has apartment buildings starting from 1 - 28 (“The Ghetto”). Each apartment has a different amount of rooms, bathrooms, and the sizes of the apartments. They can range from a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom apartment. Each bedroom has two beds = two people in each room! You live with a variety of people from around the world! And there is a rule that the household cannot exceed 50% of one country, of course unless it is a one bedroom apartment. What I mean by this is that if you live with four people, up to two roommates can be from the same country. However, if by chance you live in a one bedroom apartment, this is the only case where both roommates can be from the same country. I think that’s a pretty fair rule since everyone here is looking to meet people from around the world!

The apartments are also dealt in underage (wellness) or an of-aged (non-wellness) apartment. That means NO alcohol AT ALL allowed in underage apartments. Overage cast members are allowed to request and live in underage apartments as long as they treat the apartment as an underage and agree to not bring ANY alcohol in the apartment. What’s done out of the apartment – if overage – is totally fine.
The Commons is known as the “party” place. There is something going on every night! There are people walking around all the time, the pool is always busy on a hot day, you are constantly bumping into people and meeting new friends! It is the place to be!
The Commons is also right across an Outlet mall. Shopping, restaurants, McDonald’s (come on... everyone wants a McDonald’s close by), publix (grocery store), dollar stores... are all within a 5 – 15 minute walk. It’s literally our complex, a parking lot, then the outlets. Did I mention they have quite nice stores in the Outlets.

The Commons is also walking distance from a basketball court, soccer field, Patterson and Chatam (the other two Disney complexs), and Mickey’s Retreat. Mickey’s Retreat is a nice getaway for us cast members. They have a pool, canoeing, kayaking, and a bunch of activities lined up for us to take advantage of.

Transportation is another privilege we have. Disney provides cast members with our own buses. They take us to work, Disney’s parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, Disney’s resorts, Walmart/Publix, the post office, and Florida’s Mall. For special events like a Beach day, you hop on the bus as well!

All of this is also paid off and is provided from the set amount of money that comes off our paychecks each week. If depends on how many bedrooms are in your apartment with how much money Disney takes off... but I can tell you... it is reasonable.
Lucky, EH?!
Life down here is pretty great I must say!


  1. I've been hearing about party buses? What are those?

  2. Hi, I just sent in my application for Disney CRP 2015 and I was wondering whether you could talk more about the Commons. It'sjust loads of people talk about the application process but not what happens after, like the first week at Disney etc

  3. Hi there! "Party Buses" aren't associated with Disney as a company, but rather the cast members organizing fun nights outside their programs. During the regular Florida life, some enjoy nights out and organize party buses to take them around the city!

  4. Hi Kriti! I for sure can! What else would you like to know about The Commons? I have a page, "The CRAZIEST Weeks of Arrival" That might help more. If not let me know what you would like to know about and I'd be more than happy to write about it.


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